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Human Sweat

Nature's Work
About Jack

Adopted into a 5th generation family farm in Cornelius, OR, I’ve been farming since grade school. The values and work ethic I learned early on drive me to constantly push myself to this day. Although I grew up around conventional methods I was drawn to more regenerative and sustainable practices and strive to protect our earth.

Farming on my own I started with cannabis, and it was an honor to have helped a dear family friend use the plant to get off heavy medications she needed for multiple sclerosis. Coming to Central Oregon I thought the sun would do a lot of the work, and while I appreciate so much about the climate here, it is not easy! The short seasons, unpredictable weather, and dryness have thrown a lot of curveballs for sure, on top of the challenges of growing on a small plot with close neighbors. 

Every day the plants keep me humble and learning, and even when we take losses or a crop is tough I’m so grateful to be doing what I’m doing.

About Jack

We're Proud to Reach These Milestones

This Year
Gallons of Water Wasted
Yards of Native soil tilled
Pounds of Food Produced
Square Feet of Farmed Food
About Nic

My homesteading family always knew I had champagne tastes and longed to never muck a stall again. As life would have it though, when I returned to Central Oregon I fell back into my roots, not far from the tree I came.

Trading starry nights for bubbly, a shoe habit, and the city that never sleeps I spent decades working for Fortune 500 companies. That work was always in tension with my core values though, and while it taught me priceless lessons, I prefer to “Robin Hood” the skills instead and work towards degrowth and a post-capitalism world.

Although I’m not in the same coastal region my tribe has inhabited for centuries, I’m trying to learn and apply what my ancestors have passed to me, feeling connected to them with each action, even when I’m doing spreadsheets instead of digging.

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